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Triton Radish Microgreens

Crisp, spicy, fresh radish bulb flavour.

Great in salads, sandwiches, as a garnish on steak, soup and pizza. Use it in any dish to add a little spice, or use in place of - or in addition to - radish.

Radish microgreens are a healthy source of energy and carbohydrates, and contain

  • vitamin B1

  • vitamin B6

  • vitamin C

  • zinc

  • potassium

  • folate

  • manganese

  • copper

  • sodium

  • phosphorus

  • dietary fibre

  • niacin

  • riboflavin

  • calcium

  • iron

  • and magnesium

SowYummy Triton Radish Microgreens are non-GMO and Organic.

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