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Micro Lemon Basil

Sweet basil flavor with a hint of citrus.

Micro Lemon Basil is tender in texture with a robust lemony citrus flavor and classic herbaceous tones of basil.

Micro Lemon Basil pairs well with meat, fish, poultry and vegetarian dishes, and can be incorporated into soups, stews, curries, steamed vegetable dishes, grilled meat dishes, or stir-fries. They can also be used in Asian inspired dishes, desserts such as pastries and ice cream, and even used to garnish fruity cocktails.

Micro Lemon Basil is an excellent source of

  • beta-carotene

  • vitamin A

  • vitamin C

  • vitamin K

  • magnesium

  • iron

  • manganese

  • copper

  • calcium

  • and potassium

SowYummy Micro Lemon Basil is Non-GMO and Organic.

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