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How to Grow Micro Arugula





15 grams




stacked with light weight

(5 lbs)


3 - 4 days


9 -12 days


  • 3 trays

    • 2x microgreen (shallow) trays without holes + 1x microgreen (shallow) tray with holes​​

  • Grow medium​

    • we recommend loose coco coir​

  • Water & sprayer​

    • in the absence of a water source with spray nozzle, we recommend a pressure sprayer​

  • Arugula seeds suitable for growing microgreens​

    • clean, untreated seeds that have been tested for pathogens​ (including those causing food borne illnesses)

  • Seed shaker​ - optional but recommended​ for sowing Arugula seeds​​


Prepare Trays & Grow Medium

If using a grow medium other than loose coco coir, prepare according to manufacturer instructions.

Nest 1 tray with holes inside 1 tray without holes. 


Pack Trays

Pack holed tray with coco coir, nearly to top of tray rim, about 3/4 full.


Gently press the second tray without holes over grow medium to even our surface.  Don't worry about minor channels caused by the tray, these will even out during watering.


Condition Grow Medium

In a pinch you can use a spray bottle for this step, however, to ensure adequate saturation a spray bottle will be onerous.  

Using your pressure sprayer set to medium/light intensity, spray over the grow medium in a zigzag pattern from edge to edge, starting at the top of the tray, slightly overlapping each stroke.  We find that 2-3 passes over the tray are sufficient.

The medium must have enough water to sustain germination for about 3 days, but can't be so wet that fungus will grow or that your young shoots rot while in germination.

To check if your medium is adequately saturated, press your finger into it. It should be wet all the way through but not dripping into the bottom tray without holes.

PRO TIP: if you're working indoors and are concerned about water on floors or other surfaces, place your tray inside an adequately sized storage bin to contain the overspray.


Sow Seeds

Evenly distribute seeds all over the grow medium. Avoid clumping as that impedes air circulation and air circulation is vital to the health of your crops. Fungus and

dampening off disease are common in environments with poor air circulation.

Give the seeds a light misting of water to activate them. Arugula seeds are mucilaginous which means that once wet, they develop a sticky jelly-like coating (in the same way chia seeds do) so avoid touching them after misting.

PRO TIP: Due to their small size, we strongly recommend a seed shaker, however, if you do not have one, you can use a clean parmesan shaker, a clean powdered sugar shaker, or a clean dry herb container with holed lid.



Stack the second tray without holes ​in a nesting position over the seeds. Place your ~5lb weight on top, and place the tray on an unlighted shelf.

A temperature of at least 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) is needed for healthy and even germination.  

PRO TIP: If heating your space is not an option, you can use a seedling heat mat under your tray.

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