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Carrot Microgreens

Mild baby carrot flavour with a dill-like texture.

Excellent addition to salads, sandwiches and wraps, chopped into salsas, or blended into smoothies, soups, pestos and other sauces.

Carrot Microgreens are an exceptional source of anti-oxidants, carotenes and vitamin A which have a positive effect on digestion, blood pressure, eye health, kidney function, and immune function. They are rich in

  • vitamin A

  • vitamin B6

  • vitamin C

  • vitamin K

  • dietary fiber

  • calcium

  • magnesium

  • phosphorus

  • potassium

  • manganese

  • iron

  • carotenoids

  • lutein

  • zeaxanthin

  • and beta-carotene

SowYummy Carrot Microgreens are non-GMO and Organic.

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