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Anti-Fungal Spray Recipe

This anti-fungal spray is safe for plants and humans. Hydrogen peroxide is an effective disinfectant killing a wide range of pathogens and fungi, does not leave behind residue, and is a powerful oxygenator for plants.


  • 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide (H2o2)

  • "food grade" H2o2 has nothing added to it, which means it is free of toxic chemicals and stabilizers

  • filtered water

  • spray bottle


In a spray bottle mix 3 : 100 ratio of 3% food grade peroxide : filtered water.

In a standard 946 ml or 32 oz spray bottle, use 1 tablespoon of peroxide to 500 ml of water.


Hydrogen peroxide, and products containing hydrogen peroxide, need to be stored in dark opaque containers away from heat and sunlight.

PRO TIP If you can't find a dark or black opaque spray bottle, paint your clear bottle black, or wrap your bottle in waterproof tape such as black duct tape or gaffer tape.

Never put hydrogen peroxide, or products containing hydrogen peroxide, in a fridge or freezer.

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