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About Us

Hi! Nice to meet ya'

Located on the beautiful North Shore of Vancouver, BC, Canada, SowYummy is a family owned and operated distributor of microgreens and microgreen growing products and supplies.​

Everything we sell, we test to make sure that we supply families, food service operations, and indoor farmers with only the highest quality products. 

  • All our seeds - the ones we grow and the ones we sell - are clean, untreated, and certified as non-GMO

  • The substrates we use and sell are sustainable, untreated, and contain no animal by-products

  • We don't use or sell chemicals except food-grade peroxide to disinfect materials and tools, and to sanitize seeds

  • We only use and sell mother nature's very best soil enhancers, no chemicals here

  • We do not use or sell pesticides 

We love our planet so we aim to be as earth-conscious as possible. To make the smallest impression as we can, we use only renewable growing mediums, and package our microgreens in either reusable glass jars, or highly recyclable containers.

We are very excited and proud spread the joy and goodness of this amazing superfood to tables everywhere!

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